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Great free learning resources online

Its not all about Apple you know….
1. Code Year –
2. W3 Schools –
3. TED –
4. MIT –
5. iTunes U –
6. Khan Academy –
7. Peer 2 Peer University –
8. University of the People –
9. Academic Earth –
10. CK-12 –

From this article:


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Dr Craig Barrett’s 3 pillars of a Smart Economy

Dr Craig Barrett speaks at the Royal Irish Academy Feb 2010I was delighted to attend a fascinating lecture by Craig Barrett, ex-CEO of Intel, on Monday February 8th at the Royal Irish Academy. Dr Barrett outlined his advice to Ireland if the country wishes to pursue its stated ambition of becoming a pre-eminent 21st century knowledge economy. His advice, delivered in his simple and direct style was organised into 3 pillars that needs to be in place for a smart economy to thrive:

1. Smart People

2. Smart Ideas

3. Right Environment (as created by Government Policy)

See more on Dr. Barrett’s speech at:

Dr. Barrett’s parting words for the country were – “If you want to win, you must choose to compete”.

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